The Winter Sounds’ new compilation raising funds to fight malaria

We have previously featured the work of The Winter Sounds, including two premieres, but today we have something different.

The Winter Sounds’ frontman Patrick Keenan has released a new compilation featuring Mr. Rogers to raise money for the Against Malaria Foundation. Check out this great video:

You can find the full compilation on Bandcamp. All money raised will go directly to the Against Malaria Foundation.

On both YouTube and Bandcamp, Keenan addresses some obvious questions, including this one: why the Against Malaria Foundation? Keenan’s response:

According to GiveWell the Against Malaria Foundation ranks the highest as the charity that most effectively manages their resources and reaches the most people in need. Charities go through an intensive vetting process where their work, costs, and expenditures are analyzed for their effectiveness.

So click on through to Bandcamp, YouTube, or the foundation to learn more, to hear and download the music, and to support a great cause.

Keenan plans to continue promoting charitable causes following this evolving model, so you might want to support him on Patreon.