New Music Monday – 11/27/17

This week we’re listening to new work from:

  • Keith Baudry
  • Bummerville
  • Anna Kramer
  • King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard

Keith Baudry
Savannah, GA
How Do You Do It?

Another bit of local talent that’s flying subtly under the radar here, Keith Baudry has been around the music scene for a while now transitioning from projects on and off again. This time, he’s set down his electric guitar in favor of a bit of acoustic guitar work. Drawing influence from the likes of The Mountain Goats and Sufjan Stevens, Keith’s latest (presumably self recorded) album is a bit lo-fi, but shows a ton of heart and promise. ~ Petey

Chicago, IL
Promotional Tool

We may have lost one half of the Lynch brothers to the land of pizza and hot dogs (maybe I made that moniker up for Chicago, but it’s a lot better than The Windy City, right?) but that doesn’t mean we’re done hearing from Daniel Lynch by a long shot. The brains behind Sunglow and The Lipschitz has been busy with his latest project, Bummerville. Equal parts groove heavy indie rock and lo-fi garage rock, if you’re a fan of either of the previously mentioned projects, you’re sure to enjoy this one. ~ Petey

Anna Kramer
Atlanta, Ga.
‘Living on the Road’

From one of the Atlanta scene’s longtime stalwarts, known for her band Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause, plus recent touring/performing with Shantih Shantih, comes this melodic & roadworthy, dark tune. Check it out…. – Jon Waits

King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard
Polygondwanaland album out now.

Okay, so this is the fourth full length album these Aussie weirdos have put out this year, and it’s pretty much exactly what you would guess at this point…trippy psych, prog, noodling, flashes of genius, some filler, basically music that should be popular in Colorado, Alaska, etc. (and D.C.), but here’s the thing, they put out this album for free. As in, do what you want with it. If you want to press it to vinyl and sell it, they’re okay with that! Burn a million CDs (do people still do that?) and give them away? Sure, why not? Post the YouTube link on a music blog? Uhhh….