New Music Monday – 11/20/17

Just three songs in this week’s edition of New Music Monday, so take a moment to listen all the way through. Cheers.

Lyn Avenue
Savannah, Georgia
‘Kentucky Bourbon’

It might be a li’l bit self-serving since I have a cameo in this brand new video from Lyn Avenue, but they continue to crank out the solid tunes, and keep their country audiences shuffling their shitkickers across the dance floors. This dose of new-school old-school was recorded at Savannah’s award-winning Dollhouse Productions. – Jon

West End Motel
“Tiny Man” from Bad with Names, Good with Faces, due out in December

New stuff from the Atlanta musical collective featuring dudes from Mastodon, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, and basically every other band ever from Atlanta. Actually, don’t worry about who’s in the band, just know that they are a very, very good melodic rock band that you should listen to…and see, at The Jinx on December 29. Seriously. – Tom

Anders Thomsen
Savannah, Georgia
“Mrs. Johnson” – newly released video by Volition Studios

"Mrs. Johnson" by Anders Thomsen (Guitar Build) from VOLITION STUDIOS on Vimeo.

We first heard “Mrs. Johnson” two years ago with the release of Anders Thomsen with The Downtown Sheiks, but wow it’s good to hear it again, especially in the context of this finely crafted video by Devin Smith of Volition Studios. A rollicking tune from one of Savannah’s best songwriters, performers, and guitarists. – bill