Jinx-O-Ween Night 2 – photos

What am I going to do on Halloween night? Stay home and eat entirely too much candy that I’m supposed to be passing out (Bottlecaps for the win, yo), or dress up like a weirdo, go to The Jinx and watch some amazing local musicians cover classic hardcore bands and Outkast? Uhh, both, duh.

Music didn’t start until 10 and the only kids who are still Trick-or-Treating at 9 are the entirely too old to be mooching candy and put no effort whatsoever into a costume, so, you know, screw them.

Seriously, the music was so much fun. Cover sets of Minor Threat, The Muffs, The Misfits, Outkast, and Rudimentary Peni tunes that were a blast from start to finish. I took lots of pictures while trying to keep the Energy Dome on my head. Check them out.