Jinx-O-Ween, Night 1 – photos

Yep, it’s that most ridiculous time of year again, when seemingly reasonable human beings dress up as sexy movie characters, sexy pop culture icons, sexy dead people, and, uhhhh, Rick and/or Morty and go see local bands emulate other acts. This year Jinx-O-Ween Night 1 had a Janis Joplin act, an Alkaline Trio band, a Pogues tribute, a huge Duran Duran group, and the night closed with a Stray Cats set. There was tons of singing along, dancing, drinking, and there were a couple times where I laughed until my cheeks hurt. Night 2 is Tuesday, Halloween Night, and will feature more camaraderie, goofy ass costumes, cover bands, and hopefully some candy. We’ll see.