New Music Monday – 10/16/17

For this week’s collection of new work, we have songs and records from:

  • Iron Chic
  • The Lillingtons
  • Screamin’ John and T.D.
  • The Breeders
  • Father John Misty
  • Weaves
  • The Bronzed Chorus


Iron Chic
Long Island, NY
You Can’t Stay Here now available via Side One Dummy Records

Oh boy, it looks like everyone decided to release their contenders for 2017’s Album of the Year a bit late in the season this time around. Iron Chic has been fairly quiet since the release of their last LP, The Constant One, back in 2013 save for a few EPs and singles here and there. Their latest release was definitely worth the wait though. No stranger to songs about failure and messing up, You Can’t Stay Here is far from either. It’s cutting, riff heavy punk rock at it’s core and I love it. ~ Petey

The Lillingtons
Newcastle, Wyoming
Stella Sapiente out now on Fat Wreck Chords

Can I mention Album of the Year contenders twice in one week? I’m going to go for it because Stella Sapiente is a pop-punk masterpiece. Not surprising considering that The Lillingtons have been at it off and on since 1995 and have rarely put out a weak release in their tenure as a band. Stella Sapiente is a beautiful mix of catchy, pop-punk tracks laden with stellar (pun not intended) guitar leads and an overarching album theme dealing with UFOs, Lovecraftian horror, and more occult goodness. The perfect album for pop-punk fans heading into Halloween. ~ Petey

Screamin’ John and T.D.
Louisville, KY
“Bid Bad Coraline” off of the upcoming Gimme More Time on Down the Alley Records

Blues and Rock are a time tested, perfect pair and Screamin’ John and T.D.’s newest relearse, “Big Bad Coraline”, is a shining example of that. Recorded in only three days, the album showcases what happens when two musicians who are experts at their craft and who know each other so intimately get together. – Petey

The Breeders
Dayton, OH
“Wait in the Car” from upcoming full length album

I’m not going to lie, I’m a total Breeders fanboy. The sisters Deal have reconvened the classic Last Splash lineup, and Wait in the Car is our first taste of the new material. It finds the band in a playful mood and seems to find a middle ground between the fairly radio friendly Last Splash tunes and the punky garage rock of Title TK. I’m totally fine with new Breeders anywhere along that spectrum. Bring on the whole album, please.

Father John Misty
“Pure Country”

Did you ever wish you could hear Father John Misty cover his own song Pure Comedy as a country song? Yeah, me neither.

Toronto, Ontario
“Scream” ft. Tanya Tagaq, from Wide Open out October 6, 2017 via Buzz Records, Kanine Records & Memphis Industries.

Did you see Weaves at El Rocko during the 2017 Savannah Stopover? It was weird and interesting, I’ve never really encountered a stage presence quite like Weaves vocalist Jasmyn Burke. Check this out, it is also weird, interesting, and straight up pretty great.

The Bronzed Chorus
Greensboro, NC
“I am the Ram” ,Yearling 7″ vinyl out on Gigantic Noise on Oct 27, 2017

When I saw The Bronzed Chorus the first time I was kinda pissed that no one had told me about them before. A duo playing fairly insane, mathy as hell, sorta noisey rock? Yes, please. The drummer was playing drums better than most bands I see WHILE PLAYING KEYS WITH HIS LEFT HAND! Anyway, check out this overcaffeinated craziness, and seriously, don’t keep stuff like this secret from me again.