Statts Fest Goes Bananas is Saturday, Statts Pre Game was a blast – pics

Statts Fest Goes Bananas II is Saturday, beginning at 3 o’clock, at the always awesome Grayson Stadium and you should go. Take the wife, the husband, the kids, grandma, your kinda weird uncle, take everyone. A great lineup of local bands, serious food choices, amazing silent auction, kids’ activities, a fantastic cause and, you know, beer. I’m not going to rehash why Jason Statts needs help (honestly, it chokes me up a bit every time, and you know the deal by now), but what I will rehash every year is how amazing it is that the community and Friends of Statts comes together to lend a helping hand and raise some much needed funds for a good dude. Amazing.

The man himself made it to The Jinx for Statts Pre Game and Punk Rock Garage Sale and looked to be in good spirits. I somehow made it through the whole event, here’s some stream-of-consciousness thoughts before a ton of pics.

So many unique and weird things at the Punk Rock Garage Sale, word is we’ll see more events like it.

Mad respect to every band who came in from out of town to play. So cool.

The Savannah music scene doesn’t have a ton of active bands currently (fix that, please), but the bands playing out tend to be flat out great. Black Tusk, obviously. The Gumps are killer. Sins of Godless Men destroy, even when battling technical issues. Yes, even Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains.

The 2 (I think?) new songs Black Tusk played were excellent, leaning as far punk as metal, which works really well for them. Also, they are crushing live. Every time.

Royal Thunder played at the end of a marathon day, and some people had understandably tapped out by then. They were FANTASTIC, I wish everyone had a chance to see them.

Nate Hall from U.S. Christmas opened with a solo set and has a song on Bandcamp that benefits Statts, you should buy it here.

There is a post Statts Fest show at The Jinx Saturday and Shoplifters, Keith Kozel’s newish project is playing. I highly, highly, recommend seeing them. They don’t play out a ton and are everything a rock band should be. Really great.

Anyway….pics, check ’em out.

Nate Hall

The Gumps

Resident One

Sins of Godless Men


Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains

Shroud Eater

Black Tusk

Royal Thunder