Kylesa’s Laura Pleasants’ new band, The Discussion, plays debut show

I feel it’s safe to say that Kylesa fans were disheartened to see the group call it quits. I know I was. So it goes. I also feel it’s safe to say a lot of people were stoked when Laura Pleasants announced a new project, The Discussion.

Ahead of a European tour, The Discussion released a five-track EP (embed below for your listening and purchasing pleasure), titled European Tour Ep. Straight-forward, simple title. I like that.

The Discussion debuted on home turf ahead of their tour, playing their first show ever at The Wormhole. If you missed this show, no worries, they will play The Jinx in November after tour. From the crowd though, it seems a lot of local fans did not miss this show, and The Discussion did not disappoint.

Along with the new tracks, they played a couple of Kylesa tracks and a Cure cover, which was apropos. Pleasants wrote and recorded all of the music herself playing all the instruments with the exception of drums on the EP. The Discussion’s live incarnation is pretty stellar: From the now deceased Cray Bags, Derek Lynch helms bass duties. Rhythm wizard Richard Adams lays out the beat for the EP and the live show. Out front, Pleasants captains the post-punk psychedelic rock in all her metal majesty.

Existing sonically somewhere between Kylesa and The Cure, The Discussion is off to a killer start. I am excited to see how this project evolves. Lynch and Adams were fantastic, and anyone who’s ever seen Kylesa live will know Pleasants on-stage prowess is always on point. Her solo voice as a musician is not only interesting, but damn good.

(If you’d like to learn more about The Discussion in Pleasants own words, here are some rad articles from the two local alt-weekly’s: Do Savannah, Connect Savannah.)

Twisty Cats opened the show.

Here’s some photos from hissing hawns’ editor/OG punk/music fan/motherfucking patron of the arts Tom Cartmel, with more after the jump: