Lulu The Giant plays The Welmont

Rachael Shaner

The last time CUSSES played Savannah, Racheal Shaner (captain of Lulu The Giant) split the hard rock bill with a solo set, accompanied only by her double bass, playing what she calls “graveyard ambience” tunes. It was wonderfully strange, and somehow perfectly suited for the night.

Like any good rock ’n’ roller, Shaner tends to buck the status quo consistently (see Lulu’s debut album, Kingdom’s Fall, and its eclectic mix of jazz/blues-fusion Americana) and her next show is no exception. Lulu The Giant will play The Welmont, 1930 Montgomery, on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. You can buy tickets ahead of time here.

What is a Welmont? Yep, that was my first question too. The old mechanics shop on Montgomery Street has been reserved for art shows, according to Shaner, in the past. According to Art March Savannah’s website, it’s a “space focusing on modern creative cultivation.” Cool. I am in.

Lulu The Giant’s live set is going to be a mix of Shaner’s solo repertoire, similar to the CUSSES setlist, tracks from the debut album, with accompaniment from her trio of fabulous musicians, some new material from the band’s forthcoming second album, due out next spring, and some guest appearances from Savannah musicians.

In addition to the unorthodox setting, and eclectic setlist, this will be one of Lulu The Giant’s only shows in Savannah for a while as the band heads out on a European tour this fall. (Shaner is also set to play a solo set at Trinity United Methodist in November for the Georgia Songwriter Series.) This should be fun, a little weird and definitely interesting.

This is a limited capacity event, so if you’re super interested, I advise getting tickets now.

Do it.