Athens Popfest Friday: Review + Photos

Friday’s edition of Athens Popfest was a little rough for me–I spent most of the day incredibly sore, as I tripped over a rock and bruised my tailbone pretty bad. I was only able to catch three bands.

The first I saw that night was Laetitia Sadler, a French four piece that was a little too transcendental for my taste. The crowd seemed to love the sleepy, trippy beats and I heard several attendees say it was the best show they had seen in some time. My favorite of their songs was “Dry Fruit” — “a song about being lost in space.”

Next up was Eureka California, an Athens staple I’ve seen a few times now. The two piece really knows how to rock it out and I adore their female drummer, though my injury left me unable to stand on my tiptoes to photograph her.

I was very disappointed I could only stay for a few songs of Superchunk–they sounded great, but I was right by the stage and the crowd got pretty rowdy. Everyone knew all the words and I heard several people say it was their seventh or eighth time seeing them, which impressed me.

More pictures after the jump.