Victoria Scalisi — a driving force behind Savannah’s metal & punk scene — dies from cancer

Victoria Scalisi died last night after a battle with cancer.

I never formally met Victoria, but I was in awe of her powerful voice and stage presence when I first saw her perform with her new band Lies in Stone about a year ago at The Jinx.

Victoria was a member of Damad, arguably the most influential metal band from Savannah. Members of Damad formed Kylesa after Victoria stepped away from the stage. Victoria was for a time with Karst, but then in 2016 DAMAD reunited for a benefit show in Savannah and a handful of other shows around the country. DAMAD’s return was cut short when Victoria was diagnosed with cancer.

Throughout the day, Victoria’s friends and fellow musicians — including Phillip Cope of Damad and Kylesa — have posted memories of her and expressions of love for her family. We here at hissing lawns send our love and condolences too.