Cray Bags at Weekend Mania – photos

Here’s a photo gallery of the last Cray Bags show for the foreseeable future. I am unwilling to say last show ever, because that would be a damn shame, as they were (are?) one of the most powerful bands Savannah has seen in recent memory.

Anyway, the details: Cray Bags closed out Weekend Mania, a mini festival packed with great Southeastern punk, garage, and just generally rad bands. Both bands and fans battled it out with lots and lots of PBR and Wild Turkey. (Maybe that part goes without saying, as the show was at The Jinx?) The band was as tight and feral as ever, the wound up crowd ate it up, pinball machines were walked on, beers were poured into the crowd from the stage, crowds were surfed, pits were formed…you know, Cray Bags show stuff happened.