New Music Monday – 7/24/17

For this week’s post, we have new work from:

*Boy Harsher
*Faux Ferocious
*Downtown Boys


Boy Harsher
formerly Savannah
“Motion” from the new EP Country Girl out in October on Ascetic House

The duo who make up Boy Harsher often stayed under the local music radar when they were based in Savannah, but they’ll be getting attention from the national music press with hypnotic electronic tracks, gorgeous vocals, and striking visuals like those in this new video. – bill

Downtown Boys
Providence, RI
“Lips That Bite” from Cost of Living out August 11 on Sub Pop

The second single we’ve heard from Downtown Boys, one of the only current punk bands that actually matters. That being said, minus the awesome, confrontational vocals, this isn’t very punk, it’s simply a great rock and roll song. Synths simmering in the background throughout and then a sax solo toward the end of the tune, really cool stuff. – tom

Faux Ferocious
Nashville, TN
“Me and Jonny” and “Solvency” from the self-titled 12″ ep out now

I haven’t decided if there’s a resurgence of kraut rock or if I’ve just realized that I like kraut rock and I’m more tuned in to it. Well, here’s a big dose of it, particularly “Me and Jonny” which locks into an urgent motorik groove early and keeps with it for most of its 7 1/2 minute run time. Faux Ferocious killed at Stopover a couple years ago and at El Rocko more recently and I’m loving these new tunes. More please, both recordings and live shows. – tom

Athens, GA
“Dirty Life” off of their sophomore album Endless Summer due out on August 11th

What’s this? Catchy, heavy guirtar riffs? Infectious sing-along choruses? A general kick-ass, no frills, rock and roll attitude? Yep, it’s a new track from Athen’s own Shehehe! Their latest track, “Dirty Life”, is slightly more polished and gives off a bit more of a pop-punk vibe than the shred heavy tracks seen on their debut album, Rock and Roll Queen, but the heaviness is still lurking there for sure! Be sure to pick up the entire album later on this summer when it’s released on Athen’s own Laser Brains records. – Petey