New Music Monday – 7/17/17

For this week’s post, we have new work from:
*Pierce Edens
*The Powder Room
*Speedy Ortiz
*Greta O. and The Toxic Shock
*King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard


Pierce Edens
Asheville, N.C.
Stripped Down Gussied Up

Pierce Edens and partner Kevin Reese are back with another album of humble, yet gut-wrenching tunes from Southern Appalachia on this release. I had the pleasure of performing on a bill with them a few years ago, and was hesitant to go up on stage afterwards, these guys are so talented. I don’t really do comparisons in my posts, but in regards to Pierce there really isn’t another artist that comes to mind to do that with anyhow; one of a kind. Just check this first track out, and then more…I’m betting you’ll be glad you did. – Jon Waits

The Powder Room
Athens, GA

The Powder Room is right in my wheelhouse, angry, Nirvana at their most aggressive type noise rock. Driving, bass heavy, angry but clear vocals, urgent guitar…yep, this pushes all the right buttons for me. This is a great new song recorded live, but both the video and the sound are excellent. Check out for an almost impossibly deep treasure trove of well recorded Athens gigs. – tom

Speedy Ortiz
Boston, Mass.
“Screen Gem” previously unreleased

Proceeds from this catchy, compact, instantly classic sounding gem from Sadie Dupuis and Co. go to benefit, so don’t be a jerk, go download it. RIYL: Belly, Helium, Ex Hex kind of stuff. – tom

Greta O. and The Toxic Shock
Savannah, GA
“Cum Blood” from upcoming full length

Have you got 48 seconds to spare? No? Maybe you aren’t very good at time management. You ever think of that? Oh, you do have a minute to spare? Good, I was starting to worry about you there. Anyway, check out another new burner from Greta O. and The Toxic Shock. Not sure what Greta’s singing about, to be honest, but judging from the title, it sounds like maybe someone should see a doctor. – tom

King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard
Melbourne, AUS
“Invisible Face” from Murder of The Universe, the second of the “4 or 5” full lengths they plan to release in 2017, out now

I’m going to go ahead and guess that illicit substances of some sort were involved in the making of both this song and the accompanying video. The thing is I kinda dig their kitchen sink approach to garage, psych, prog, acid, you name it blend of rock. Full steam ahead for King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard. – tom