10 (super lame) reasons not to go to the Wimps show at El Rocko tonight. (Thurs. 6/22)

1. Never heard of them. Okay. Wimps are a 3 piece punk band that was named the best punk band in Seattle at one point. Seattle. Not Pooler. Freaking Seattle. They’re on Kill Rock Stars, the record label of Elliott Smith, The Thermals, The Decemberists, and a bunch of other rad bands. There, now you’ve heard of them. Check this out.

2. Cost. It’s at El Rocko, so no cover charge. Details here. Next.

3. Too late. Again, El Rocko, so fairly early show. You can be in bed at a reasonable hour or go to another show later. May I suggest Same As It Ever Was at The Jinx?

4. Don’t like things that suck. Luckily Wimps don’t suck at all. Catchy, often hilarious songs, hi energy, fun stuff. You do like fun, right? Plus The Gumps don’t suck and are fun, too. Come to think of it, if you like The Gumps and don’t come to this show, you’re making some poor life choices. Just sayin’.

5. Punk is scary. Yeah, not this kind of punk. This is not gnarly metallic dudecore with a ridiculous pit, this is pop punk at its finest. Think pogoing, not moshing.

6. Too old. Too old? Are you dead? Actually they have a song about a mature show goer…

7. Too loud. Maybe you are too old. Nah, El Rocko’s sound is pretty decent anymore, and not brutally overbearing. Plus, you know, earplugs are a thing that exists.

8. Too dark in El Rocko. Umm, actually I might be with you on that one.

9. I only like Nintendocore/Scottish Pirate Music/Dubstep/Mathcore/contemporary country/whatever. Ummm…variety is the spice of life?…No?…maybe you just suck?

10. I suck. Going to this show will definitely make you suck a little less. Baby steps.

Seriously, just go to this show, if you don’t leave with a smile on your face, I’ll personally refund your cover charge.