New Music Monday – 5/29/17

For this week’s edition of New Music Monday, we feature work from:

  • Natalie Lovejoy
  • Blake Rainey & His Demons
  • Street Clothes
  • Lydia Loveless


Natalie Lovejoy
St. Paul, MN
“Demolition Derby Queen”

Natalie Lovejoy’s album ‘Hiding in the light’ actually came out in 2015, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, but this video was just released in the last week or so. Normally associated with traditional piano & vocal songwriting, she tends to live her life more along the lines of the spirit seen here; come as you are & kick the blues out of your head. A regular, and sought after performer on the Twin Cities’ music scene for quite some time she’s built up a loyal local & national fanbase. – Jon Waits

Blake Rainey & His Demons
Atlanta, Georgia
“Helicopter Rose”

The title track off of Blake Rainey’s latest release is in the vein of heartfelt ‘song-crafting’, more than some of his other raucous productions with past & current bands (Young Antiques, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Blake Rainey and his Demons), and gives us a shining example of the range that he possesses. Coming to Savannah this week for a three night run of shows that kick off at The Jinx on June 1st, we’ll have a ‘Five Questions with…’ preview post later this week. For now, just sit back & enjoy this silver-tongued-devil doing his thing! – Jon Waits

Street Clothes
Savannah, Ga.

From the first track “Debbie Harry” to the end, this 8-song sophomore record from Street Clothes is filled with surprises — bold unpredictable lyrics, satisfying tempo changes, shifts in the emotional tenor. We’re excited to see what’s next for Street Clothes. – bill

Lydia Loveless
Columbus, Ohio
“Same to You”

Lydia Loveless has already established herself as an important voice somewhere on the alt-rock spectrum, but I can’t help get the feeling that she’s on the cusp of much bigger things. Check out the biting vocals, catchy chorus, the seductive guitar, not to mention the creepy bugs in the video — there’s so much right here. – bill


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