New Music Monday – 5/22/17

For this week’s post with new music, we have work from:

  • In For A Penny
  • Mogwai
  • The National
  • Alex G
  • the Mountain Goats
  • Courtney Barnett
  • Hazel English
  • Dan Auerbach

As always, enjoy the new tunes and feel free to share your new faves in the comments here or on our Facebook page.

In For A Penny
Savannah, Ga.
One More Last Hurrah

Savannah-based Irish folk punk band In For A Penny returns with this intense, rollicking new record, which was recorded live in the back of The Sand Bar on Tybee in about 7 hours. – bill

“Coolverine” from Every Country’s Sun, out September 1.

Some fairly chill post rock from Mogwai, who tread the same path as Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Moody, sweeping, and mellow, cool stuff if you’re in the mood for it.

The National
Cincinnati, OH
“The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” from Sleep Well Beast, out September 8, 2017

Like many songs from The National this one took several spins before the melody and Matt Berninger’s lyrics began burrowing into my brain, but it’s starting to take hold now. It doesn’t do my street cred any good, but I’m a sucker for The National, and am looking forward to the new album.

Alex G
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alex G, a 2016 Savannah Stopover alum, was Internet famous before 2014’s DSU, but then he just became regular famous with that album. I can’t remember if I saw him or not at Stopover, but I am pretty sure I did. Anyways, Alex G (Sandy) is all over the place, per the usual, on his seventh full-length album. Rocket is pretty varied, which is how I like it. It sounds like a free jazz album of the folk/indie-rock genre, unstable, unpredictable yet highly choreographed. I guess the thinkers at Pitchfork like it too. It’s earned Best New Album. Enjoy. With love, Joshua

the Mountain Goats
Claremont, California
Goths out now on Merge Records

the Mountain Goats, and specifically John Darnielle, are known for being one of the top artists when it comes to songwriting and their newest release, Goths, proves that in spades. While the band has taken a slight departure from their early, low-fi, folk sound, Goths is one of their most impressive releases to date due to its carefully crafted wordplay and lush instrumentation. ~ Petee

Courtney Barnett
Melbourne, Austraila
“How To Boil An Egg”

Initially released as more of a demo track from the Australian singer-songwriter, “How To Boil An Egg” recently got a revamping as part of Milk! Records and Bedroom Suck’s Split Singles Club. The track may have been re-recording featuring a full band as opposed to Barnett playing all of the instruments herself, but it still showcases the jangly guitar riffs and quirkiness that fans of hers have come to expect. ~ Petee

Hazel English
Oakland, CA
“Fix” from Just Give In/Never Going Home, out May 12th

Australia’s Hazel English has been dripping out breezy, addictive singles since 2016 but the now California-based songwriter just released a double EP on Polyvinyl Records that includes both previously released and new material and it plays like the perfect summer soundtrack for fans of The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart, Best Coast, Beach Fossils, etc. Yes, it’s familiar and nostalgic for the decade past but repeated listens proves English is a unique and singular force to be reckoned with. Bliss out at your own risk. Listen to the full 2X EP here: Kayne

Dan Auerbach
Akron, OH/ Nashville, TN
“Waiting On A Song” from Waiting On A Song, out June 2nd, 2017

That last summer between High School and College. Half baked for 3 months and standing on the precipice of adulthood. The video from the title track from Auerbach’s 2nd solo effort captures that nostalgic moment in time perfectly and often, hilariously. The album, out June 2nd, credits John Prine as just one of many Nashville based co-writers. If the first few singles are any indication, guessing this one’s on repeat through August! ~Kayne