Dad Joke Weekendmania – this weekend – preview

Honestly this is going to be a bittersweet weekend of music for Savannah. On one hand, The Jinx is hosting over a dozen rad Southeast bands, ranging in genres from throwback garage rock to power pop to gnarly dbeat punk over Friday and Saturday nights. That’s the sweet part. On the bitter side, Cray Bags, once known as Crazy Bag Lady, the city’s most well known punk band and catalysts of the scene for the last several years, are playing their last shows for the foreseeable future, a.k.a. going on the dreaded “hiatus”. Also not so sweet is the fact that Weekendmania is the last hurrah for Dad Joke, the booking entity of Daniel Lynch, Josh Sterno, and Joseph Kapcin, who have hosted over 40 of the most interesting shows Savannah has seen over the last 2 years.

Let’s focus on the upside, though. You maybe haven’t heard of all or any of these bands before, right? Here’s the thing…I’ve attended more than a few killer Dad Joke shows over the last couple years,and the guys have their ear to the ground and flat out book great underground stuff. A well known booking agent in Atlanta expressed admiration for the shows that Dad Joke has brought to Savannah during a conversation I had with him a couple weeks ago, “They get some great bands that I can’t even get to Atlanta.” The point is if you’re the least bit musically adventurous or at least like guitar rock, there will be something that you’ll enjoy each night. At the very least, help send Cray Bags off in style (or in a big beer soaked mess, whatever).

I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Sterno, Cray Bags frontman and Weekendmania organizer recently, for an in depth and insightful Q and A about the mini festival. Check it out.

Tom: Is Weekendmania going to rule?
Josh: Yes.

The Dad Joke Weekendmania
9 p.m. May 12-13
The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.
$10 each day

Friday, 5/12 NIGHT
COEDS (Sav power pop)
Strategic War Heads (ATL D-beat/grind/punk)
Bad Example (Bham Hardcore Punk)
Eskizo (Macon D-beat)
The Lipschitz (Sav Garage Yacht)
Hannie & The Slobs (Athens Punk)
Greta O. & The Toxic Shock (Sav pizza Punk)

Saturday, 5/13 NIGHT
Cray Bags (Sav idiot Punk)
Gino & The Goons (Tampa Garage Punk on Total Punk/Slovenly)
Spodee Boy (Nashville Punk)
Datenight (Nashville Garage Punk)
Uniform (ATL Post Punk/Rock)
Curleys (Gainesville Punk)
Bubble Boys (Orlando Garage Punk)
Rude Dude & The Creek Freaks (Sav Garage Psych)

Here’s a couple videos of the kind of things you can expect from the lineup, but there’s tons more bands playing. Seriously, this is going to be fun.

Gino and The Goons

Spodee Boy


Cray Bags

Bad Example