New Music Monday – 4/10/17

Lots of new music out again this week, and here are some bands that hissing lawns contributors are listening to:

  • Christian Fitness
  • Buildings
  • Black God
  • At the Drive In
  • Valerie June
  • Black Lips


Christian Fitness
Cardiff, UK
“Bruce Hated Puppies” from imminent album (how’s that for vague?)

“Now Bruce, he’s a lot of fun, he’s a lot of fun when he’s not not a lot of fun, the puppy thing isn’t really representative”. C’mon now, those lyrics over super catchy, bass heavy noise rock? More genius from hyper prolific Andrew “Falco” Falkous (McLusky, Future of the Left). This single will be on heavy rotation for a long time for me. – tom

Minneapolis, Minnesota
“Smell The Pool” off the upcoming April 21, 2017 album You Are Not One of Us on Gilead Media

Massive, menacing noise rock out of the Midwest is a time honored tradition, and Buildings do the Land of 1000 Lakes proud. Rhythm section forward, aggressive but understandable vocals, Buildings would be right at home on classic Amphetamine Reptile or Touch and Go Records rosters. If you have any clue what I’m talking about, you should pre order this album. – tom

Black God
Louisville, KY
Four released on No Idea Records

Black God could be the poster child of a band that is much, much more than the sum of it’s parts. And believe me, the sum of it’s parts is nothing to be ignored. Featuring members of bands such as Black Cross, Coliseum, Xerxes, and Young Widows, the Louisville, blitz-rock supergroup just released their fourth, ripping EP which will be sure to hold people captive with it’s catchy but totally roaring tracks. – Petee

At the Drive In
El Paso, TX
“Hostage Stamps” of of the upcoming in•ter a•li•a due out on May 5th

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since the last record release from At the Drive-In. The post punk juggernauts haven’t lost a thing though, judging from the few singles that have trickled out in preparation of their newest album. With rhythms as intricate as they are powerful, Hostage Stamps is easily my favorite single so far from in•ter a•li•a which is shaping up to be one hell of a come back album. – Petee

Valerie June
“The Front Door” from The Order Of Time, released March 10th on Concord Records

I’m still playing catch up on all the great releases that came out in March so consider today’s reccos “newish”. Valerie June is a calm force to be reckoned with. At times June’s songs sound like unearthed relics from the Library of Congress vaults. I’m not sure how she manages to capture the entire spectrum of that overused descriptor “roots” music (Gospel, Soul, Folk, Americana, Country, Appalachian, etc, etc, etc.) … but she does, and then elevates it to create something entirely of the moment. In an album filled with standouts, this is the track that slays me every time. – Kayne

the Black Lips
Atlanta, Ga
“Can’t Hold One” from Satan’s Grafitti or God’s Art? Out May 5th on Vice Records.

Chaos is returning! At Eighteen songs deep, the new album from Atlanta’s garage rockers the Black Lips has Sean Lennon at the production helm, guest appearances by Yoko, some blistering saxophone and it comes out on Cinco De Mayo. This lead off track is classic Lips but with some surprising Lennon/psych pop twists and turns. – Kayne