New Music Monday – 4/3/17

This week’s installment of New Music Monday features work from:

  • Big Walnuts Yonder
  • Pile
  • Slowdive
  • Aye Nako
  • Diet Cig
  • Poolside
  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

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Big Walnuts Yonder
“Raise The Drawbidges” off of a self-titled album is out May 5 via Sargent House

Well, this is a weird one. A supergroup, of sorts, comprised of Mike Watt of the Minutemen, Nels Cline from Wilco, Greg Saunier from Deerhoof, and Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos. Apparently the concept has been percolating since 2008, but the album was cut in 3 days recently? Okay. The song is weird, too, a high energy, fuzzed up, psych freakout with Watt vocals buried fairly deep in the mix. – tom

Boston, MA
A Hairshirt of Purpose, out now on Exploding in Sound Records.

Easily one of my most anticipated releases of the year, I’ve spun this a handful of times now, and it’s starting to grab. Generally less aggressive than the last couple Pile albums, their trademark dynamics are still there…strange song structures…kind of bizarre lyrics delivered in an unconventional way…mathy guitar and drum interplay…and somehow, eventually, the songs burrow deep into your brain if you let them. – tom

“Sugar for the Pill” from the new eponymous album due out May 5 on Dead Oceans

It’s been 22 years (yes you read that correctly) since we’ve had a single from them and I can only hope I like the rest of the new album as much as this track, which is the second single we’ve heard from the new work. – Jason

Aye Nako
New York City, NY
“Nightcrawler” off of the upcoming Silver Haze coming out on April 7th on Don Giovanni Records

Aye Nako came onto the DIY punk scene back in the early 2010’s and have yet to show any sign of slowing down. The latest single off of their upcoming album features their signature melodic guitar riffs coupled with killer vocal harmonies. Don’t be deceived though, while the songs may come off as deceptively mellow at first, Aye Nako is a band that takes every opportunity to use their music to tackle the most intimate of topics. – Petee

Diet Cig
New York City, NY
“Link In Bio” off of the upcoming Swear I’m Good At This due out on April 7th

Diet Cig has a way of combining vulnerability and grit that few others have mastered. “Link In Bio” is a prime example of this detailing the experiences of living in a society that expects one to act in a certain way while also adhering to a completely contradicting persona as well. Lyrics like “They say speak your mind but not too loud; You should love yourself but don’t be too proud.” drive home the core message all while being delivered by singer/guitarist Luciano’s stellar harmonies. – Petee

Los Angeles, CA
“Everything Goes”

Poolside’s self proclaimed mantra is “Great friends, good music, California, and mezcal”, a life approach that’s pretty easy to rally behind. The new single from the duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise has made the rounds in their DJ sets, but the addition of cello in the recording studio elevates it to a whole new level. They call it “daytime disco”. I call it one of those songs you find yourself playing 5 times in a row. – Kayne

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Melbourne, AU
The French Press

This Melbourne trio was on our short list for Stopover 2017 but schedules and Visas got in the way… but that left me even more pumped for their sophomore effort which dropped March 10th on Sub-Pop. At six songs and just under 20 minutes, it clocks in as one of the tightest efforts of 2017. Eighties inspired indie rock wrapped up in modern day short stories. It’s sublime on every level. – Kayne