Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 3/9/17 – 3/15/17 (Stopover Edition)

Hey guys,

Everyone else is posting a Stopover Survival Guide, I will start with mine.  I have listed a completely unrealistic listing for the Stopover.  I generally list several bands I would like to see, then go where the wind may carry me.  Sorry it’s so late, it’s a work in progress until the last minute.

First, the Larry Jack Survival Guide:

  1. Wake up, probably later than you thought
  2. Drink a lot and see lots of bands
  4. Party with your friends like you are a young person
  5. Wake up and feel like hell, what did you expect, it’s Stopover?  At least you ate.
  6. Rinse and repeat

Now my listings.  I have listed a new band (sometimes two bands) every 30 minutes.  Experience has taught me to only shoot for a different band every 45 minutes.  You local bands know I lover you, but I don’t see many local bands during Stopover, even though there are lots of good ones playing.  The number in parenthesis is my personal ranking, “1” being the highest.  Disclaimer – I listened to almost everyone, but usually only one song.  I expect to see lots of y’all sometime this weekend.  Happy Stopover !!!!

Thursday 3/9/17
1800Garden GiantShips Of The Sea
1900 – The DigShips Of The Sea
2000Kishi BashiShips Of The Sea
2100Taze DazeEl Rocko
2130Kayne StrangWild Wing Cafe (2)
2130Secret ShowStopover Headquarters
2200Chain Of FlowersJinx (1)
2230repeat repeatWild Wing Cafe (3)
2300Daddy IssuesJinx (1)
2330Hockey DadWild Wing (3)
2400Jeff The BrotherhoodJinx (1)

Friday – 3/10/17
1700 Tall Tall TreesJinx (3)
1730Becca MancariTrinity Church (2)
1800Wreckless EricJinx
1830Lillie Mae RischeTrinity (2)
1900The PaperheadCongress Street Social Club (2)
1900Secret ShowOwens Thomas
1930LawrenceShips Of The Sea (2)
1930 Gracie & RachealTrinity Church (2)
2030 Alanna RoyaleShips Of The Sea (2)
2030Ruby AmanruTrinity Church (2)
2100ESS SEEEl Rocko (2)
2130Lee Fields & The ExpressionsShips Of The Sea (1)
2130 Miggs Son DaddyClub One (2)
2200HoopsJinx (2)
2200High WaistedCongress Street Social Club (2)
2300CussesCongress Street Social Club
2300Vita & The WolfEl-Rocko (1)
2300VagabonJinx (3)
2400DCTVCongress Street Social Club (2)
2430A Tribe Called RedClub One (1)
2430Curtis HardingWild Wing Cafe (2)

1400Lyn AvenueCongress Street Social Club
1500Best BehaviorEl-Rocko (1)
1600The Bones Of JR JonesJinx (1)
1600Nellie PearlCongress Street Social Club (2)
1600The BritneysEl-Rocko (2)
1700Charly BlissEl-Rocko (3)
1700River WhylessTrinity Church (3)
1700Damon & The ShitkickersJinx
1800Tall HeightsTrinity Church (3)
1830Yoke LoreShips Of The Sea (4)
1900 – Christopher Paul StellingTrinity Church (1)
1900Secret ShowEmmaus House
1930Belle GameShips Of The Sea (2)
2000Big Mama ShakesCongress Street Social Club (1)
2030CavemanShips of the Sea (3)
2100Say BrotherCongress Street Social Club (1)
2130Lewis Del MarShips of the Sea (3)
2130 Molly BurchWild Wing Cafe (3)
2200Country MiceCongress Street Social Club (1)
2200Half WaifClub One (2)
2200Dirty DishesJinx (2)
2230 Tim DarcyWild Wing Cafe (2)
2300Ron Gallo El-Rocko (1)
2300AJ DavilaJinx (3)
2330 – SplashhWild Wing Cafe (1)
2400CrocodilesJinx (1)
2400 WeavesEl-Rocko (1)