New Music Monday – 2/13/17

We’ve got a small selection for this week’s New Music Monday, but as always some really solid new songs from bands you might know and some you might not. Enjoy.

Iron Reagan
Richmond, Virginia
Crossover Ministry

Blazing fast riffs, sharp breakdowns, loud vocals, and all the hardcore glory one expects from a new Iron Reagan album. The punk/thrash metal, Relapse-Records-titans are back with their third studio album. How fast is this album? They cover 18 tracks in 28 minutes. So, fast. It’s hard not expect good things from former members of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, and Cannabis Corpse. As one YouTube comment so eloquently put it, “right in the nuts.” Yep. Perfect review YouTube commenter. Perfect review. —Joshua

Real Estate
Ridgewood, New Jersey

Indie-rock darlings Real Estate are back with their fourth studio album. “In Mind” is set to drop on March 17, joining the fray of album releases ahead of festival season. The boys unfurled a new single, trademarked with their soft-core, indie-rock riffs and high-strung vocals. Fun, danceable track. I really dig this band’s rhythm section. Those guys are tight. Check mark this as another, probably great, album coming out next month. Maybe, an impeachment will make March the best month ever. Dream big kiddos. Also, the horse in this video is awesome. — Joshua

Spiral Stairs
Stockton, California
“Dundee Man”

Pavement founding member Scott Kannberg’s solo project, Spiral Stairs, released this rad tune recently. “Dundee Man” is the second single off the forthcoming “Doris and the Daggers,” due out March 24. Sounds like Pavement, without the other members. I dig it. — Joshua

Lulu the Giant
Kingdoms Fall

We previewed and covered the release show for this wonderful debut album from Rachael Shaner, aka Lulu the Giant, so quit reading and hit play. Let’s hope this is the first of many albums from this talented songwriter, singer and bassist/multi-instrumentalist. – bill