just another top 5 list of 2016’s best albums (from savannah and beyond)

For reasons I can only guess at, I watched that terrible John Cusack movie High Fidelity about 4.5 times this year. Whether intentionally or on accident, I just kept watching. In reflection, my 2016 was about love, heartache, and music, basically what that stupid movie is about so it makes some sense (minus the overt misogyny of the late 1990s dating scene).

Anyways. It seems fitting to write several Top 5 lists. In the midst of a mostly shit year in which grand musicians of rock ’n’ roll departed, and an orange demagogue was installed as our new “leader” (I suspect, however, he would prefer the term “King”), there was a ton of great music released.

I found love in music I never thought I would. I found music lovely that I never thought I would.

There’s a nifty Spotify playlist and embeds below for your listening pleasure. In the name of brevity, of which I am rarely apt, I kept it to mostly single sentence reviews. You’re welcome.

(The accompanying photo with this post is one I took on my mobile phone. Please excuse the poor quality. hissing lawns photographers, which does not include me, are some of the best in the city and continually deliver high quality stuff despite the worst lighting conditions a photog can encounter. This photo of fellow hissing lawns contributors Tom and Petee just summed up my year pretty well.)


Top 5 Best Savannah Albums of 2016:

5 – COEDS, Thrill Me!
Garage rock for your face and dancing feet!

4 – Cray Bags, Beauty Love
One of my favorite punk albums of all time. Seriously.

3 – Garden Giant, Mutual
Favorite surprise of 2016, from the best indie rock band in town.

2 – Nightingale News, Bell Rope
Gorgeous folk rock.

1 – Casket Girls, The Night Machines
Simply magnificent, poignant gothic pop.

Top 5 Best Albums of 2016 Vol.1:

5 – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree
Nick Cave doesn’t just write music, he writes poetry with music behind it. His latest poetry, about his recently deceased son, cuts deep.

4 – Nothing, Tired of Tomorrow
Emotional, thick and heavy shoegaze glory.

3 – Illegal Drugs, Illegal Drugs
I hope this is the future of punk, and rock ’n’ roll in general.

2 – Mitski, Puberty 2
I cannot understand why I connected so deeply with songs about self-discovery written by a 20-something Asian-American, but I did.

1 – Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool
One of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard, and the most beautiful collection of music Radiohead has made.

Top 5 Best Albums of 2016 Vol. 2:

5 – Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker
Fare thee well you poet, you giant of a man, and thanks for this gorgeous requiem.

4 – Whores., Gold
Loud, noisy punk fun. So much noise and fun, it’s worth a two sentence review saying so.

3 – White Lung, Paradise
There’s a song about kissing while bleeding, and more good punk via these rad Canadian females than you can probably handle.

2 – Casket Girls, The Night Machines
Simply magnificent, poignant gothic pop, as stated above.

1 – Periphery, Periphery III: Select Difficulty
The future of progressive metal, and one of my most listened to albums of the year.

Top 5 Songs of 2016:

5 – COEDS, “Push”
4 – Nothing, “The Dead are Dumb”
3 – Mitski, “Your Best American Girl”
2 – The Casket Girls, “Nightlife”
1 – Periphery, “Marigold”

Thanks Savannah for the good times and great music this year. It was a nice distraction from all of the other bullshit going on in the world.