Jinx-o-ween cover band night two – photos

Another entry in the “this is much too late, but the show was really fun, so you’re getting it anyway” parade of blog posts…

Actual Halloween fell on a Monday this year, which is not ideal, but The Jinx forged ahead with a second night of ever popular cover bands. Turnout expectations were low, I think, but hell if people didn’t show up! On a Monday! Like, a lot of people!! Were people just excited about Halloween? Hyped up on candy? Just looking for a reason to drink on a Monday? I have no clue, but it sure made for a fun night.

Revenge Therapy, a Jawbreaker cover band opened the evening, and, if I’m being honest, caught me off guard with how good they were. The crowd didn’t seem super familiar with the tunes, but the trio nailed the unconventional song structures and won the audience over anyway.

The Lonely Boys were up next, belting out Black Keys tunes as a duo and then fattening up the sound with the addition of bass and keys after a few songs. Man, those guys have a bunch of great songs.

At this point the room was perfectly primed for the Brass Monkey Junkies, which was a sloppy (the crowd, not the band) and infectiously fun sing-a-long set of Beastie Boys covers. While I still want something from Paul’s Boutique in the set, the mixing of Brass Monkey on the stage while performing more than made up for this minor issue. We didn’t really have to fight for our right to party, we just had to pay the cover and buy beers, but it was totally worth it, Monday night and all.

Revenge Therapy-1

The Lonely Boys-1

Brass Monkey Junkies-6

Revenge Therapy
Revenge Therapy-2

Revenge Therapy-3

The Lonely Boys
The Lonely Boys-2

The Lonely Boys-3

The Lonely Boys-4

Brass Monkey Junkies
Brass Monkey Junkies-1

Brass Monkey Junkies-3

Brass Monkey Junkies-4

Brass Monkey Junkies-5

Brass Monkey Junkies-7

Brass Monkey Junkies-8