New Music Monday – 11/28/16

This week’s New Music Monday — a collaborative post by hissing lawns contributors — features work from:

  • Mega Bog
  • Christopher Paul Stelling
  • Father John Misty
  • Cloud Nothings
  • Creepoid
  • Ocean’s Acoustic

As is true of most weeks, you’ll hear wildly diverse styles in today’s post, so sit back and enjoy.

Mega Bog
Brooklyn by way of Seattle

Mega Bog is the project of Erin Birgy, a Seattle musician now living in Brooklyn who I first discovered down one of those musical rabbit holes that’s impossible to re-trace (they played HangFire in Savannah back in 2015 but I missed them). This first track off of Mega Bog’s sophomore album, due in February 2017, melds an ethereal folksiness with experimental pop and a few free form jazz elements. It floats and soothes and excites the senses. If you want to dive deeper,check out the video for “192014” which shows an even wider musical range from what promises to be one of the most exciting early releases of next year. – Kayne

Christopher Paul Stelling
Brooklyn, NY

Christopher Paul Stelling has built his career as a warrior of the open road, touring non-stop around the globe with just his guitar and his beautiful folk songs and haunting voice so it was a bit of a surprise when ANTI- records dropped a CPS single last week with a full-on electrified band, complete with a blistering horn section. It’s flat out fantastic! Stelling describes it as simply a protest song but it’s one whose passion is emboldened by the fuller sound. It feels like the right song at the right time from the right guy. And I for one am excited to see where this new sonic direction leads…more please! – Kayne

Father John Misty
Los Angeles, California
“Holy Hell”

A spare, beautiful piano ballad from J. Tillman, written in the wake of recent political events. Starts out depressed…”Hell, Holy hell, holy hell, Damn, the future ain’t looking so bright”….but comes out the other side with a sort of optimism…”But all my friends, Yeah, I’m talking to you, The world won’t end unless we want it to, There’s no one in control, And it’s our life to choose.” – Tom

Cloud Nothings
Cleveland, OH
“Internal World” from Life Without Sound out January 27th on Carpark Records

There’s definitely a Weezer vibe to the second single from Cloud Nothings upcoming full length, and depending on your view of Rivers Cuomo and company, that is either a compliment or a knock. Check it out and see if it fills you with Raditude or makes you want to Hurley. (Yes, I went there.) – Tom

Philadelphia, PA

Creepoid’s slow, trudging, psychedelic rock sound had long captured the ear of many Savannah locals long before their short stint of living in the Hostess City. Their newest EP, Burner, shows the band delivering more of their sludgy, effects laden instrumentals combined with ethereal, reverbed out vocals to great effect. Here’s hoping we see more from them in the not too distant future. – Petee

Ocean’s Acoustic
Mexico City, Mexico
La Casa del Arbol

In trying to broaden my own influences I’ve been exploring more music from across the globe. I met Adan Days of Ocean’s Acoustic during the Savannah Film Festival, where this animated video that he created for his band was being shown. The winding rhythm, and emotional peaks & valleys contribute to a feeling that’s relatable in any language. Throw in the fact that these young musicians have honed their musical abilities and it makes for solid songwriting across the board. – Jon