Skeletonwitch, Iron Reagan, Oathbreaker and Gatecreeper at The Jinx – photos

Hey, sometimes life, work, family, vacations, or a giant freaking storm get in the way of writing and posting to the blog. I’ve been to a bunch of great shows in the past month or two that deserve some attention, even if it’s way after the fact. Here’s one of them, with more to come, in no particular order.

Skeletonwitch and Iron Reagan returned to The Jinx a month ago, looking for some redemption. One of Skeletonwitch’s last trips through town fell on the day of a nasty ice storm that effectively shut down the city, and Iron Reagan has deserved bigger crowds for their last several visits. Well this one brought out the metal heads and the thrash punks, who got the added bonus of seeing Oathbreaker and Gatecreeper, two excellent young talents in the scene.

Anyway, long story short, this was a fun, headbanging, sloppy mess of a night. The openers were, by all accounts, great. I caught the last song from Gatecreeper, but didn’t pull my camera out quickly enough to catch any pics. I can say that I dug what I heard, though. Oathbreaker had a cool, moody vibe that I’ve rarely experienced at a metal show, really cool. Iron Reagan’s thrash was well received and the pit swirled, bumped, and called out for more. Skeletonwitch is sporting a new singer, but haven’t lost a step, not even close. My only complaint is that I wish some of the people who showed up for this lineup would come out and try some of the newer, amazing metal acts that come through town fairly often.


Iron Reagan-8





Iron Reagan
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