Sex Jams, Mile me deaf, Sunglow at House of Strut – photos

Hurricane Matthew hit the Savannah area late on Friday, October 7th and into the early morning of Saturday. There was widespread damage from the storm, but some areas weren’t hit all that hard. Sure, there were some badly damaged buildings in the downtown area, but most of us came out of the storm unscathed, and my house south of Forsyth Park never even lost power.

So by the Tuesday after the storm, parts of the city felt especially surreal. I saw almost no damage when I walked that evening south to House of Strut for another stacked Dad Joke show, but the streets were almost deserted even hours before the 10 p.m. curfew that was still in effect.

Because of the curfew, I ended up heading off for a quick bite at The Vault nearby before Cray Bags‘ set, but I caught the first three bands — the Savannah-based solo project Sunglow and two badass bands from Vienna — Sex Jams and Mile me deaf.

Sex Jams and Mile me deaf share several members, and their dense, ecstatic, high-energy sets provided a perfect catharsis after a tough few days. There was a little comedy too when Peter the bass player took a call mid-set from his mom and assured her that he was doing fine, even though the bands had continued heading south even as a hurricane was heading north. I obviously had to turn on the flash after sunset to get any sort of shots in the dark courtyard of the super-cool and casual vintage store. Another great night from our friends at Dad Joke.