New Music Monday – 10/3/16

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Brent Cobb
Ellaville, GA/Nashville
“Shine On Rainy Day”

You know there’s something crazy happening in Country Music when Noisey/Vice is premiering country singles. But such is the case with Brent Cobb, who just might be the next in line for the Sturgill Simpson/Chris Stapleton/Margo Price/Jason Isbell ‘God save country music’ crown! The rural Georgia native has long been a noted songwriter but his 2nd solo album, out October 7th, has got everyone buzzing…and rightly so. Produced by his 2nd cousin Dave Cobb (Waylon Jennings, Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton), it feels like a long weekend drive through rural Georgia. Beautifully written storied songs filled with pathos and heart create a longing for simpler times. The album’s title track (above) was released on 9/30 and NPR’s got the whole album on First Listen. Even if you don’t generally veer toward country, give this one a listen – Kayne

Purchase, NY/Brooklyn, NY
“Hidden Driver” from Return To Love

These Lo-fi indie rockers formed in 2011 in Purchase, NY — the foursome all met at SUNY and two of their members are the guys behind the excellent DIY label Double Double Whammy. After two beloved cult albums and a few EPs, they signed to Sub Pop this summer which just released Return To Love on 9/23/16. I’m loving the Neutral Milk Hotel vibe on this track but the whole album is excellent; a weighty nod to the likes of 90’s era Pavement, the aforementioned NMH and even some early Grandaddy. -Kayne

Brock Scott
“Excited When It Rains”

In under 2 minutes, Atlanta-based Little Tybee frontman Brock Scott channels the memories of growing up down here on the coast. Brock will be playing songs from his upcoming solo effort on 10/6 The Buckhead Theatre. – bill

Muuy Biien
Athens, GA
“Bitter Blessings” off Age of Uncertainty, due Oct. 28 from Autumn Tone Records

Having been thrilled not long ago by Muuy Biien’s kinetic show at The Jinx, I wasn’t prepared for the restrained moodiness of this of this new track from the upcoming Age of Uncertainty. Joshua Evans’ biting vocals are fantastic here, but so is everything else about this song. If the rest of the album is this good, Muuy Biien might be on the verge of a breakout year. – bill

Between Symmetries

We interviewed Adam Jenkins about this project when it was in early stages. Each song is performed in honor of a Savannah venue, and if you scan the titles, you can really get a sense of the importance of the local DIY scene: just two of the titles — “The Jinx” and “The Wormhole” — honor dedicated, above-the-radar, currently operating venues. – bill

Father John Misty
“Real Love Baby”, non album track

So, this song isn’t brand spanking new, having been quietly uploaded to Soundcloud in May, and properly released as a single in August. It’s recently built up a bit of steam on satellite radio and has burrowed deep, deep into my brain. Surprisingly non-snarky compared to Josh Tillman’s other recent output, mellow, catchy, and just flat out beautiful. Certain to be one of my most played tracks of the year. – Tom

Big Jesus
“SP” off of Oneiric out now on Mascot Records

Big Jesus impressed me opening the Wrecking Ball Festival in the blazing midday ATL sun a couple months ago, not an easy feat under those conditions. This single recalls the best of radio friendly alternative rock while still sounding current. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I do know I’m looking forward to digging in to the new album. – Tom

The Coathangers
“Perfume” from the full length Nosebleed Weekend out now on Suicide Squeeze Records

Yet another video off of the very excellent Nosebleed Weekend, this one for one of the slower songs on the album. Pretty much any track on the album could be released as a single. Check it out, and if you like this tune at all, I highly recommend grabbing the album. – Tom