New Music Monday – 9/12/16

And here we are again, another New Music Monday. You can check out some new songs to start your week. If you’ve got stuff that you’re listening to, please feel free to include links in the comments on this week’s share to our hissing lawns Facebook page.

South River
Atlanta, Georgia

The latest project from Jason Waller, most well known for his band Georgia Mountain Stringband is a return to his rock & roll roots, and he’s accompanied on this EP by Atlanta pals in the Americana Music/Roots scene that continues to grow, and form a bridge with Savannah’s own performers of similar genre. This album, quite frankly, is exactly the kind of change that would be great to hear from a lot of us Savannah musicians, just for kicks & to hear what other talents lie below the surface. – Jon

Modesto, CA
“Way We Won’t” from upcoming 2017 album on 30th Century Records

Wow, it’s been 10 years since Grandaddy broke up? Crazy. You wouldn’t be able to tell from their first single since reforming that it’s been long at all. Quirky, fragile, beautiful indie pop that burrows deep, deep into your brain. Really looking forward to this one. – Tom

Red Fang
Portland, OR
“Shadows” off of Only Ghosts due Oct. 14 on Relapse Records

Red Fang’s modus operandi: release hilarious, nerdy videos soundtracked by their own PBR soaked, catchy as hell, not quite metal songs. No surprise that this one is great, too. Plus, you know, Predator. – Tom

Zack de la Rocha
L.A., CA
“Digging for Windows” from rumored 2017 solo album

De La Rocha has kept a relatively low profile since leaving Rage Against the Machine in 2000, releasing a little music as One Day as a Lion and doing the occasional “featuring….” guest appearances, including a recent contribution to a Run The Jewels track. It appears that collaboration has helped spawn a new solo album, produced by EL-P of Run The Jewels. This track showcases the singular de la Rocha furious, intelligent wordplay over squiggly, ragged beats. – Tom

Las Kellies
Buenos Aires
“I Don’t Care” off of their upcoming album Friends and Lovers

Las Kellies fusion of post-punk with pop has turned out some rippers over the past 10 years that they’ve been together. Their new wave influence is apparent in their latest release, but it’s also got a grit and a grime to it as well. Imagine pop tunes forged with a garage rock mentality and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Las Kellies brings to the table. – Petee

Dex Romweber
Chapel Hill, NC
“Trouble Of The World” off Carrboro, now out on Bloodshot Records

If you saw the Dex Romweber Duo recently (yes, photos still to come from the Savannah gig), you already know that the 50-year-old, best known for Flat Duo Jets, is still a masterful rock and roll performer. The frumpily charismatic stage presence is just a bonus. – bill

Dope KNife
“C-Port State of Mind”

Dope KNife, one of the driving forces behind Savannah’s Dope Sandwich hip-hop label and collective, has just released this dark take on life in the C-Port, filled with specific references to local crime, corruption, and culture. – bill