COEDS release debut LP “Thrill Me!”

Here at hissing lawns, we’ve been on the COEDS bandwagon ever since we first heard the insanely talented rock/punk/pop foursome. Here’s a photo from early 2014 at Hang Fire:


And I love this shot that Tom took at The Jinx in that same year:


As you can see in pics like that, we’re not alone in our love for COEDS’ brilliant songs and high-energy stage shows.

Today COEDS has released their debut album Thrill Me! on New Granada Records. You can find it on Bandcamp (below), Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and actual CD. Click here for links and details via New Granada.

We hope to have a review posted in the coming days, but you don’t need us to tell you how good this is. Just give it a listen. And we will see lots of you at the release party on Sept. 10th at The Jinx with Starbenders and The Lipschitz.

COEDS at The Jinx in 2016

COEDS at The Jinx in 2016