New Music Monday – 8/29/16

It’s time for another New Music Monday, and we kick off this week’s segment with new tracks from three Savannah-based acts — COEDS, Clay Hodges, and Nightingale News. Enjoy.

“Push” from Thrill Me!, coming soon from New Granada Records

How great is this? I’m looking forward to COEDS’ upcoming album and feeling confident that all the songs will have some of the quirky artistic sensibility and pop-punk energy of this fresh new video, which was debuted last week by Creative Loafing in Tampa. – bill

Clay Hodges
“Savannah Weather” from forthcoming EP on Aphelion Records

This new track and video from up-and-coming hip-hop performer Clay Hodges captures the Savannah vibe pretty well, huh? I’m excited to hear the upcoming EP and see how Hodges balances the various styles he explores here. – bill

Nightingale News
“Emerald Tsunami” from the band’s forthcoming album

Coy Campbell’s Nightingale News is one of the most interesting bands to arise from the cultural milieu of Savannah in recent years. The music has a radiance and richness — sometimes even a meditative quality — that can be very hard to describe. – bill

Gringo Star
“Get Closer” off The Sides And In Between, out now on Nevado Music

Gringo Star played a really impressive set at a recent — and very hot — Stopover in the Yard at The Grey. The longtime Atlanta band continues to experiment and innovate. Fun stuff. – bill

Jimmy Eat World
Mesa, AZ
“Get Right” from what one would assume is an upcoming album, no solid info yet

While the chorus isn’t as immediately catchy as, say, classic singalongs like The Middle or A Praise Chorus, the sound is classic Jimmy Eat World, with Jim Adkins vocals over well constructed alt rock. I’ll bet that chorus digs in on repeated listens, too. – Tom

Split 12″ out now on Triple Eye Industries

What is it about the Midwest that produces the best noise rock? Both bands would be right at home on prototypical Midwestern noise rock labels Touch and Go and Amphetamine Reptile. Angry, dissonant vocals over overdriven, pummeling instrumentation in the punishing/beautiful noise rock tradition. – Tom

Cass McCombs
Mangy Love

On his 8th studio album, released 8/26, Cass McCombs cements his position as one of our finest songwriters; intense, idiosyncratic and important. It’s an album I can’t stop listening to. The songs feel primal and yet delicate, combining elements of jazz, folk, country and in a few cases some smooth jams. Van Morrison often comes to mind, and what higher praise can there be than that?- Kayne

Devendra Banhart
“Saturday Night”

It seems like forever since 2013’s Mala but Devendra Banahart will be back September 23rd with Ape In Pink Marble, his 9th studio album. Till then, we have this, the 2nd track to be released from the record~~another floaty, shimmery, blissed out slice of heaven to tide us over. -Kayne

Los Angeles, CA
“I Don’t Like Me Anymore”

With over 20 years under their belt and over 10 albums to show for it, it’s no wonder that NOFX have established themselves as one the pioneers of the West Coast punk rock sound. The latest single off of their upcoming album, First Ditch Effort, highlights the band’s trademark irreverent style of songwriting and catchy punk riffs. – Petee

Richmond, VA
“Vampire” from the new album Omega / Whatever

One of the bands I missed seeing at Savannah Stopover 2015, here’s hoping I get another chance to see them. Everyone I talked with who saw the show was impressed, and while I’m sure I enjoyed whoever I missed them for, I was definitely kicking myself at the time. – Jason