New Music Monday – 8/22/16

We’re back with another New Music Monday — a weekly feature that includes new (and newish) songs and records that our contributors recommend. We’re all over the map again this week. Enjoy.

The Menzingers
Philadelphia, PA

The Menzingers newest single off of their upcoming album, After The Party, is a bit more refined and polished than their prior work but just as heartfelt. Nostalgic punk rock at its best. – Petee

Happy Diving
Oakland, CA
Electric Soul Unity

Happy Diving’s sophomore album, Electric Soul Unity, is a fuzzy-noise laden indie rock jammer for sure. Taking hints from Dinosaur Jr. and contemporary artists like Creepoid, the album is chocked full of sludgy yet complex guitars riffs. – Petee

Against Me!
Gainesville, FL
“Haunting, Haunted, Haunts”

The newest single from Against Me!’s upcoming album, “Shape Shift With Me”, is definitely anthem in the making. It’s raucous punk rock dealing with love and drunkenness and has the makings to be one of the best tracks on the highly anticipated release this September. – Petee

Clouds & Satellites

Markus Kuhlmann’s Clouds & Satellites doesn’t play as many gigs as some other Savannah-based bands, but the ensemble’s music just keeps getting richer. The new EP suggests that the band has many new paths it could choose. – bill

B.J. Barham
Raleigh, North Carolina

The American Aquarium frontman slims things down for this thoughtful, reflective solo collection. – bill

The Tallest Man On Earth

“Rivers” is another new single from The Tallest Man On Earth following June’s “Time of the Blue”; if you give this one a listen, stick with it until those sublime horns kick in. At this point, he’s been mum about a new album release, so maybe he’s trying out the singles approach other artists have been employing. – Jason

Aaron Lee Tasjan
New Albany, OH / Nashville, TN
“Little Movies” fromt the new album Silver Tears due out October 28

Tasjan is simply a damned good songwriter, I was reminded a little of early Matthew Sweet and Freedy Johnston when I first listened to him on Crooked River Burning. And while I wasn’t as crazy about his second album, if “Little Movies” is indicative of the rest of Silver Tears, it’s going to be his best yet. – Jason

Los Angeles, CA
“Hardwired” off of upcoming Hardwired…to Self Destruct double LP

Okay, in case you’re one of the 5 people who doesn’t know that there’s a new Metallica song out…uhh…there’s a new Metallica song out. Throwback, speedy, chugging thrash instrumentation, inane lyrics, so pretty much best case scenario for 2016 Metallica, right? I won’t lie, I’d be fairly happy with a whole album of this. A double album seems like it would be pushing it, though. – Tom

“Position Remote” out now on Reptilian Records (3 song album preview)

Multicult is a major player in the current noise rock resurgence, and for damn good reason. Heavy, raw, and riffy, I’m a total sucker for this stuff. – Tom

Fullerton, CA/LA

Burger Records So-Cal faves release their latest offering, another psych/garage/ pop blast. With tracks like “Be-Bop-A-Loser” and “Doom Generation”, you pretty much know what you’re getting but that’s just fine by me. – Kayne

Carl Broemel
“Sleepy Lagoon”

My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel released his third solo album Friday with this super chill video for lead single “Sleepy Lagoon”. The album, titled 4th of July, seems oddly timed for late August but the vibe’s got that breezy Indian Summer feel that’s hopefully just around the corner. Broemel hits the road with Dave Simonett of Trampled By Turtles, playing a slew of southeast and Midwest dates. – Kayne