Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 8/18/16 – 8/24/16

Hey guys,
This looks like a pretty good weekend around town. There are a few shows that are worth pointing out. The show at the Jinx on Thursday must be a big deal, but I think I am a little too old to know about David Liebe Hart. The Jinx looks like the place to be on Friday also, with another cover band night. There are several choices on Saturday, but I would be sure to check out the Hypnotics CD release party (another Jinx show!!!) and if you like the music, be sure to pick up the disc, it sounds just like their show. I will probably be bouncing around on that night. One last show to mention is the Wormhole show on Wednesday, it looks like the nice mixture of styles could make for a good night.

Thursday 18th
David Liebe Hart (Adult Swim, Tim & Eric), Greta O & The Toxic Shock (Sav’h punk), Gumps (Sav’h fraggle-punk), Skippy SpiralJinx (9p, $12/15)
Harbor Pilots (Sav’h singer-songwriters) – Molly MacPherson’s
Yamadeo (FL reggae-rock), Sowflo (FL reggae-rock) – Barrelhouse South

Friday 19th
Charlie Fog Band (Sav’h Grateful Dead covers) – Molly MacPherson’s
Dead 27s (SC rock-soul), Jimkata (NY synth rock & roll) – Barrelhouse South
Sad Wings of Destiny (Judas Priest cover band), Cheap Chick, EZLVR (80’s rock) – Jinx

Saturday 20th
Damon & The Shitkickers (Sav’h outlaw country) – Jinx Happy Hour
Hypnotics CD Release Party (Sav’h garage rock), Shantih Shantih (Atl rock) – Jinx
A Drug Called Tradition (Atl southern psych rock), Chew (Atl fuzz psych) – Congress Street Social Club
General Patton and the Heads of State (Sav’h rock) – Molly MacPherson’s
Vegabonds (TN southern rock), Sumilan (Atl electro rock) – Barrelhouse South
Delta Moon (Atl Americana) – Tybee Post Theater ($25)

Sunday 21st
Johnny Octane (Sav’h rockabilly), Ben Keiser Band (Sav’h rock), CC Witt (Sav’h singer-songwriter) – Tybee Post Theater ($15)
Voodoo Soup (Sav’h rock covers) – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 22nd
Craig Tanner & Mr Williams Open MicAbe’s on Lincoln

Tuesday 23rd
Clouds & Satellites (Sav’h rawk) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Craig Tanner Open MicMolly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 24th
Glass Mansions (SC electropop), Pussy Launcher (Sav’h punk), Britt Scott (Sav’h singer-songwriter), Nico and Mitch (Sav’h rock) – Wormhole