preview: The Weeks at The Jinx on 7/29

As I write this, there are still tickets available for the MusicFile Productions show tomorrow night (Friday, July 29th) at The Jinx with The Weeks, Chief Scout, and Breakers, but it just might sell out. So I strongly urge lovers of great rock and roll to go ahead and snag an advance $12 ticket, which with the service charge is about the same as the $15 tickets at the door (if any are left).

There are excellent pieces about The Weeks by Cory Chambers at Do Savannah and Anna Chandler at Connect, and I shared a few comments about the show in my Unplugged column in Do.

But there might not be any better preview than checking out some of The Weeks’ songs. Here’s a live 2012 version (with over 1/4 million plays) of one of my favorites, “Brother in the Night”:

The band’s stage show is a barely constrained chaos — it’s an energy that I can’t get enough of:




Those shots are all from earlier this year at Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington — lots more pics from that show here — and I also shot sets at the free show in Ellis Square at the 2014 Savannah Stopover and at the 2014 Forecastle Festival in Louisville.





The Weeks at Savannah Stopover 2014


The Weeks formed in Jackson, Miss. in 2006 when twins Cain and Cyle Barnes, Damien Bone, and Samuel Williams were in their mid-teens, so they’re the rare band that has a full decade of experience while still in their mid-20s. Their last full length album was Dear Bo Jackson , which was released way back in 2013. After touring heavily in support of that album, they took a break from hardcore touring and have been working on new material in Nashville. I was really impressed with some of that new work — especially a song presumably called “Bottle Rocket” — at the gig earlier this year in Lexington. Anyway, here’s Dear Bo Jackson, which has some brilliant tempo changes and bridges:

I’m also hoping to see The Weeks on Saturday, July 30th, when they’ll be the last band playing at the Hummingbird in Macon for Bragg Jam, and I can’t wait to hear the entire forthcoming album.

By the way, opening acts Chief Scout and Breakers would be worth the price of admission on their own.