New Music Monday – 6/27/16

Welcome to our 4th New Music Monday, a new feature that we launched at the beginning of June. Each week, our contributors are teaming up to share new songs, records, and videos that they recommend. Click here for previous NMM posts. If you want more info on any of these bands, it’s obviously easy to click on through the embedded media. Enjoy!

Lexington, KY
Peace With Nothing

Chlorine is the brainchild of Joey Elsinore of The Elsinores and Salad Influence. On this album, Elsinore fuses dark, lo-fi synths with post-punk/Husker Du-style songcraft; the results are wholly fresh. – Andy

Mrs. Magician
San Diego

Ever wonder what happens when you mash up riff heavy surf rock with a bit of fuzzy garage rock and synths and then take the entire thing down the most melancholy path you can think of? As it turns out, you apparently get a contender for album of the year. – Petee

Teen Commandments
Brooklyn, NY
“Big Old Brain”

I can’t seem to get enough of this funky single from these guys; hopefully there’s more to come. – Jason

The Tallest Man On Earth
“Time of the Blue”

The new single from Kristian Mattson AKA The Tallest Man On Earth is quickly qrowing on me. – Jason

Gizmo Varillas
“Old Friend” from the EP Give a Little Love

This track will also be found on Gizmo Varillas’ upcoming debut LP el Dorado. Another one that’s been in heavy rotation with me lately. – Jason

St. Paul and The Broken Bones
Birmingham, AL
“All I Ever Wonder” from the forthcoming album Sea of Noise out 9/9/16

Deeply soulful with nods to gospel and yes, opera. Frontman Paul Janeway had this to say: “In opera, a choir [represents] the voices of angels, and a solo is the voice of human nature, that could reach out and make you cry,” … “I used that, having the choir be that heavenly voice and the solo stuff be the brokenness of human nature.” I’m feeling both broken and healed! – Kayne

Beth Orton
London, UK
“Moon” from Orton’s new album Kidsticks on Anti- Records.

It’s been 20 years since Orton’s groundbreaking album Trailer Park was released and her latest signals a return to some of her early electronic leanings. Produced by Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons, it’s unlike anything that’s come before but as beguiling and mesmerizing as ever. Full album stream on Bandcamp. – Kayne

Bristol, England
“SOS” (ABBA cover)

Minimal instrumentation and Beth Gibbons’ haunting vocals transform a vapid ABBA song into something more ominous, a much better fit for the lyrics than the original. – Tom

Dinosaur Jr.
Amherst, MA
“Tiny” off the full length Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not due in August

J. and company look to continue an amazing streak of reunion albums that don’t suck. Catchy song, more slacker guitar heroics…looks like they’re headed in the right direction. – Tom

A Giant Dog
Austin/Houston TX
“Sex and Drugs” off of Pile, the full length out now on Merge Records

I’m a little late on this one (released early May), but man, has it dug its hooks into me now. Glammy, sweaty, melodic, punky, swaggering rock with exceptional male/female vocals. – Tom