Punk Mess 2 Preview

Rolling into its second year, Savannah’s annual punk, rock, garage, and noise festival, Punk Mess, is poised to be stronger than the first fest.

The lineup of over 20 bands spread out across two days and two separate venues shows just how far the homegrown festival and Dad Joke Promotions have come in a relatively short span. This year’s festival features a heavy onslaught of bands from Florida, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and more, supplemented by some of Savannah’s favorite local bands. With so many good catches, it’s a good thing that you won’t have to make any gut wrenching decisions as far as choosing between two bands since there won’t be any overlap in the schedules over the two days. Just for reference though, here’s a quick list and brief description of each band.


The fun starts July 1st and tickets are still available!

Friday, July 1st at The Jinx

Without: 830

Swift and heavy local hardcore. Without’s style is rooted in traditional hardcore tinged with just a bit of sludgy, swampy brutality.


Feeding Tube – 9:00

Local Savannah gimp-core. I don’t think there are actually any references to gimps, but the mask and the vocalist’s wild antics make for a great show.


Exit Dust – 9:30

When atmospheric death rock meets the energy and vigor of punk, Exit Dust is the result and the results are very, very good.

Rubbish – 10:00

Coming out of Gainesville, Rubbish will be bringing in some pummeling hardcore/oi punk goodness. Definitely a mosh worthy band if there ever was one.


The Mold – 10:30

Jacksonville’s self proclaimed “only rock band” that actually plays more along the lines of noise rock rather than straight up rock and roll.


Manateees – 11:00

A bit punk, a bit Tennessee rock n’ roll, Manateees blast bonafide rippers from start to finish while taking no prisoners.


Post Teens – 11:45

Gritty, heavy, garage-y (totally not a word), pop punk from Gainesville. Come for the catchy hooks, stick around for the mind blowing solos.


Wet Socks – 12:30

Savannah locals serving up the garage rock radness that keeps the kids moving. It’s pretty much impossible not to get caught up in the pit when these two start kicking out the grooves.


Punk Mess 2 Day 2

Afternoon shows at Sulfur Studios


The Areolas – 2:30

Super fun pop punk from Orlando in the vein of Rational Anthem and The Queers. The perfect way to start of day 2!


Jeff Two-Names & The Born Agains – 3:00

A bunch of over the hill rock and rollers who sing songs about pizza, some guy named Petee, and are totally convinced they’re the best band you’ve ever heard. You can judge for yourself though!


Sherman’s Boot – 3:30

Savannah’s own oi/hardcore punks leading the way to the Bootopia one crushing show at a time. Get ready to mosh and stomp.


Greta O. and the Toxic Shock – 4:00

Scuzzy post-punk goodness served up by Greta O. herself along with her masked companions pumping out jams.


The Lipschitz – 4:30

Local lo-fi, garage rock duo The Lipschitz have been picking up more steam lately and it’s not surprising. Infectious grooves with some gnarly drum breaks are just the tip of the iceberg with these two.


Woven In – 5:00

Slightly gaze-y, downer, surf rock from Philly. Imagine love songs for people who aren’t in love and you’ll get the vibe.


Soda – 5:30

Dark and broody punk rock from Gainesville. The dual vocals add a good deal of depth on top of some really killer, noisey guitar riffs. Plenty to get stoked about here!


Shoplifters – 6:15

I actually have no idea what to expect BUT, the act is associated with Keith Kozel, so radness can be expected


Evening shows at The Jinx


The Anxiety Junkies – 9:30

Local punks doing degenerate things with instruments. They’re good at what they do though!


Natural Causes – 10:00

Coming out of North Carolina, Natural Causes throws punk, garage rock, and a bit of synth in a blender and the result is pretty epic.


Tight Genes – 10:30

High energy, raw riffs, and a larger than life presence: Tight Genes are the epitome of what punk rock should be. More than anything though, these guys are genuinely fun and it shows!


Trampoline Team – 11:00

Pretty aggro pop punk with a biting fuzzy twist. Don’t let the upbeat tempo fool you, Trampoline Team has some major grit backing their songs and they’re not afraid to show it.


Sick Thoughts – 11:30


Shred heavy, no frills punk out of New Orleans. The leads and solos from these guys are intense. Not a band to be missed!


Cray Bags – 12:15

You know’em, you love’em. Savannah’s most lovable motley crew of post punk goodness.


The Coffin Daggers – 12:40

A little surfy, a little psych-rocky, New York’s The Coffin Daggers are anything but light, especially when it comes to monster guitar riffs. After all, there’s a reason they’re headlining Saturday night!