Hans Chew at The Roasting Room Lounge & Listening Room – photos & links

I had the chance to reconnect with an old friend last night, and couldn’t have been more surprised at the talent that he’s become. Hans Chew hails from NYC these days, but comes from Tennessee via the haze & daze of the Atlanta early 90s scene that I came up in. That brief period brought about some of the performers that are now on the world stage including Catpower and Mastodon. Back in those days we were all just working in restaurants or swinging hammers, living in Cabbagetown (Atl, GA) doing what it took to make ends meet & continue to play music. I’ll put a post together one of these days that digs a bit deeper into that time & place.

Hans Chew has gone on to bigger things, recorded multiple albums, and tours incessantly. While it may have been a small crowd at Bluffton, South Carolina’s The Roasting Room Lounge & Listening Room, which has established itself as that neck of the woods’ premier music venue, there was no lack of professionalism & talent from the stage. It’s hard enough to draw a crowd from over the bridge, much less on a Wednesday, but hopefully we’ll get a chance to bring him to Savannah soon. Joining him onstage for a David Crosby tune was none other than another Atlanta underground legend Brian Halloran of Smoke, Opal Foxx Quartet, and currently W8ting4UFOS.

Here are a few photos, with more after the jump.

Roasting Room-1

Roasting Room-2

Roasting Room-7

Roasting Room-3

Roasting Room-5

Roasting Room-6

Roasting Room-4

Roasting Room-9

Roasting Room-8

Roasting Room-10

Roasting Room-11

If you’ve never heard Hans Chews’ music before, I highly recommend you check this out!