New Music Monday – 6/20/16

Here’s our third New Music Monday post. The last couple of weeks included a number of new releases from here in Savannah, but today’s installment features songs, videos, and albums from all over. You’ll find some big names on this week’s list — Beck, Run The Jewels — plus some other acts that might be new to you. In keeping with our goals here at hissing lawns, we’re included embedded media to make this as user-friendly as possible. Obviously, if you hear something you like, go check out the artist online.

So, in random order, here’s some new stuff that we’re recommending. Lots more after the jump:

Jon Lindsay
Raleigh, North Carolina
“All Them Houses” from his new album Cities & Schools

Lindsay’s latest release, Cities & Schools features ’80s pop reminiscent melodies mixed with darker and harrowing lyrics. The result is a catchy album that covers everything from former coworkers to shady business partners to the relationship between musicians and their audience. – Caila

Los Angeles
“Wow”, a new single off an untitled album due in October from Capitol Records.

I love sad bastard Beck, but I’ve missed electro weirdo Beck; this scratches that itch. – Tom

DJ Shadow/Run The Jewels
“Nobody Speak” off the DJ Shadow album The Mountain Will Fall due out next week.

Run The Jewels has been killing it lately, but man, the hook in this song really burrows into your brain. – Tom

“You Will Never Be One of Us”, title track from album out now on Nuclear Blast.

Unflinching grindcore/powerviolence/dbeat, call it what you want, it’s gnarly. Proceed with caution. – Tom

Joe Purdy
Los Angeles
New Year’s Eve

Joe Purdy left Arkansas for L.A in 2001, and immediately became a part of the city’s budding songwriter scene. Who Will Be Next is his 14th album, and fans of Dylan or Guthrie will feel right at home with his powerful songs and spare style.Cursin’ Air and War Dogs are on heavy rotation with me right now. – Jason

Hanni El Khatib
San Francisco
“Paralyzed” from his new EP Savage Times Vol. 2

The groovy blues rock of this track should be enough to make some of you explore Hanni’s full catalog. – Jason

Kaia Kater
Toronto/Elkins, W.V.
“Paradise Fell” from Nine Pin

Kater’s powerful songwriting and stunning vocals anchored the Acoustic Music Seminar at the 2016 Savannah Music Festival, and it’s no surprise that her rich new album Nine Pin is attracting wide acclaim. – bill

Doug Mains & the City Folk
Lansing, Michigan
These Broken Members

After going quiet for three years, Doug Mains & the City Folk have resurfaced with These Broken Members, which is every bit as evocative, spiritual, and introspective as their 2012 album The Mountain’s King. – bill

Brooklyn, NY
“Your Best American Girl” from the album Puberty 2 released June 17th on Dead Oceans

Mitski’s new album continues to punch stereotypes about female Asian musicians right in the face. One of the best releases of 2016. – Kayne