Culture Vulture plans move to California; Savannah farewell show on 6/17

Culture Vulture — the talented, eclectic, boundary-pushing, Savannah-based instrumental — is moving to California.

From Anna Chandler in Connect:

CULTURE VULTURE’S Nick Gilbert, James Weber, and Mathew Pelton aren’t Savannah natives. But the sound they hatched together among Savannah’s raucous and deeply supportive house show scene is a true born-and-bred Savannahian.

Musical academics schooled in jazz, punk, ska, and classical music, the trio moved to town armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge. After four years of cultivating a truly unique, progressive sound built on math rock tendencies and killer dynamics, the band is ready to make the next move: Los Angeles.

From Josh Peacock in Do Savannah:

Culture Vulture was born and raised in a two-story, faded yellow party mansion on the corner of Price and 30-something in Savannah.

In a spacious living room on the first floor of a house as unique as the band’s music, they shaped the pop, jazz and rock fusion sound that has painted the edges of the Savannah music scene with tenacious originality.

Lots more info about the band can be found at those links. The consensus here at hissing lawns has been that Culture Vulture gets tighter and better with each performance, and we’re really sorry to see them go.

Their last Savannah show as local residents will be tonight — Friday, June 17th — at The Jinx, where they will open for Little Tybee. Click here for more info.

Little Tybee is promoting their new self-titled album, and a great crowd showed up just last night for their gig at Tybee Island Social Club. I interviewed bass player Ryan Donald for my Unplugged column in this week’s Do.

Check out Girls’ Night:

Culture Vulture at Savannah Stopover 2016

Culture Vulture at Savannah Stopover 2016