American Aquarium, Radio Birds, PeeWee Moore at The Jinx – more photos

Caila did a great job covering this Jinx show, I don’t have a lot to add, really. Lots of new faces in the crowd, due to American Aquarium‘s growing popularity and the high quality of some of the newer, honest, country/Americana music being crafted currently (see also: Sturgill Simpson, Caleb Caudle, Parker Millsap). The band seemed in great spirits, as did the crowd, except for some fairly loud bitching that they didn’t play “Savannah Almost Killed Me”. I thought PeeWee Moore‘s set was fantastic, and the crowd seemed to dig Radio Birds. Fun (super late) night. I took some pictures, check them out.

American Aquarium-8

Pee Wee Moore-4

Radio Birds-1

PeeWee Moore
Pee Wee Moore-1

Pee Wee Moore-2

Pee Wee Moore-3

Pee Wee Moore-5

Pee Wee Moore-6

Pee Wee Moore-7

Radio Birds
Radio Birds-2

Radio Birds-3

American Aquarium
American Aquarium-1

American Aquarium-2

American Aquarium-3

American Aquarium-5

American Aquarium-6

American Aquarium-7

American Aquarium-9

American Aquarium-11

American Aquarium-12