Wreckless Eric at Congress Street Social Club

So, an odd combination, right? Wreckless Eric at Congress Street Social Club on a Sunday afternoon?

You probably know Wreckless Eric’s “Whole Wild World” — a big hit single from almost 40 years ago — but Eric Goulden isn’t touring on the basis of light-hearted rock and roll nostalgia. On stage, he’s got a dark comic edge and delights in distortion.

Wreckless Eric sings about dark places and dark times, including modern day America. Or, if you prefer, amERICa:

There was a great turnout for the 5 p.m. set on the patio at Social, and Wreckless Eric seemed maybe a little surprised by how many people had turned out just to hear him. This was another gig from MusicFile Productions, the parent company of Savannah Stopover. I was with Kayne and Peter at Bragg Jam in Macon in 2015 for Eric’s gig at Fresh Produce Records, so I knew they were hoping to get him to Savannah at some point, but this show ended up with a visceral edge that I didn’t really feel in last year’s Macon set.