Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 5/6/16 – 5/10/16

Hey guys,
This looks like another week wit plenty of variety and lots of early music.  Don’t forget about the Mega Art March on Friday night. And all of the good-looking acts are playing early on Friday, with happy hour shows at Foxy Loxy, Rail Pub, and the Jinx.

Saturday brings more daytime music, with shows at the Scottish Games and River Street’s Seafood Festival. And if anyone needs a bike, there is a Spring Bike Sale at 1301 Lincoln Street on Saturday. I may head to Thomson, GA on Saturday for the Blind Willie McTell Festival with Col. Bruce Hampton, but hope to make if back for Saturday evening music. Saturday night seems to be a night to put on your dancing shoes and wander around downtown, with plenty of music to dance to.  Unless you end up at the Jinx, then you will need your Rock and Roll shoes. Don’t wear yourself out this weekend, as you can see, the music continues into next week with several good shows, including the big Murder By Death show on Thursday. See y’all around somewhere.

Friday 6th
Danielle Hicks Band (Sav’h rock) – Rail Pub (6-9p)
Aaron Zimmer (City Hotel frontman) – Jinx (6:30-7:30)
Waits & Co (Sav’h Americana) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7-10)
Miggs Son Daddy (Sav’h rap) – Starland Art March (8:30)
American Lesion (Sav’h rock), Dead Southern Bishop (Alma,GA southern sludge groove) – Wormhole
BBFXMolly MacPherson’s
Hextones (Sav’h rock) – Congress Street Social Club
Mantras (NC prog-jam), Dank (Atlanta space funk) – Barrelhouse South

Saturday 7th
Accomplices (2p), Stewart & Winfield  (12:45, 3p) – Scottish Games ($10, all ages)
City Hotel (Sav’h bluegrass) – River Street Seafood Festival (3-5p)
Black Titan (AL stone metal), Green FieldJinx
Funk U, Permagroove (AL rock), The 200’s (Atlanta funk-disco) – Barrelhouse South
Hypnotics (Sav’h garage rock) – Molly MacPherson’s
Those Cats (Statesboro soul-funk) – Congress Street Social Club

Tuesday 10th
Highbeams (Atlanta folk-rock) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Mitchell & Friends Acoustic Happy HourWormhole

Wednesday 11th
Anders Thomsen Band (Sav’h Shitkicker rock) – El-Rocko (6-10p)
Highly Suspect (Cape Cod rock), Slothrust (Brooklyn) – Jinx
Eric Culberson Band (Sav’h blues) – Boomy’s

Thursday 12th
Murder By Death (IN rock) – Jinx
Blind Spots (NY rock) – Barrelhouse South
Jason Bible (Train Wrecks frontman) – Molly MacPherson’s