Rock And Roll Prom: Sci-Fi Edition at The Jinx – photos

Admittedly, I was never one for prom in high school. The over-the-top decorations, the excessively formal outfits, the dread of trying to find a date, wait, let’s forget about that last part.

Anyway, now that I’m in my 20s and nostalgia pangs have begun to hit in full, I relish everything that Rock And Roll Prom, now in its third year, brings with it. The garish costumes, the ability to (legally) have a few drinks, and, most importantly, the awesome display of bands that comes along with it. This year, Savannah’s own The Hypnotics, COEDS, and The Wave Slaves provided the perfect set list for the prom that I’ve always wanted. While I was a little too busy manning the photobooth to get shots of the bands (it is prom after all, you’ve got to have a photo memory), I did get a few stellar shots of the attendees having a blast. Check them out and make sure you make prom next year if you missed out!

Rock And Roll Prom04

Rock And Roll Prom10

Rock And Roll Prom12

Rock And Roll Prom37

Rock And Roll Prom45

Rock And Roll Prom57

Rock And Roll Prom62

Rock And Roll Prom70

Rock And Roll Prom78

Rock And Roll Prom95

Rock And Roll Prom105