Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 3/24/16 – 3/29/16

Hey guys,
After the last few weeks of frantic schedules, I am a little glad to see that this week is a little slower in the downtown music scene. Even though the amount of shows is down a little, there are still several good choices coming up this week, there is at least one good show every night. And I guess one show per night is enough for most of you.

Thursday 24th
Jesse Smith Project (New Orleans swamp funk) – Barrelhouse South
Ambrose (Sav’h R&B), Culture Vulture (Sav’h prog rock) – Jinx ($5)
Vampires Everywhere! (Hollywood rock), Chasing Safety (NJ hardcore), SYCAMOUR (hardcore), The Apprehended (Beaufort post-hardcore) – Sulfur Studios (7p, $10)

Friday 25th
Accomplices (Sav’h lowcountry string) – Wyld Dock Bar
Dale and the Zdubs (MD rock reggae), Psychedelic Monks (FL funk rock) – Barrelhouse South
Tooth ExtractorMolly MacPherson’s

Saturday 26th
Cory Chambers Jazz Band (Sav’h jazz) – Driftaway Cafe (7p)
Dope Knife “Iconoclast” Live Album Show w/ Bak Ontha BeatWormhole
Evan Barber and the Dead Gamblers (Americana) – Congress Street Social Club
Kodiak Brotherhood (NC alt country supergroup), Vegabonds (Nashville new south rock) – Barrelhouse South
Bunny Gang (Los Angele punk rock), The Attack (Orlando punk), Wet Brain (Baltimore surf punk) – Jinx ($10)
Hitman (Sav’h blues) – Molly MacPherson’s

Tuesday 29th
Whetherman (Columbus, OH singer-songwriter) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p, all ages)