Scotty ATL refused to play Club One at Savannah Stopover

Day 3 of Savannah Stopover capped an amazing indie music festival. But there was one down note amidst Saturday’s excellent performances: Atlanta-based rapper Scotty ATL refused to play at Club One.

Club One — a huge multi-level club with a casual bar and food in the basement, dancing on the ground level, and a performance space for drag shows and theatre productions on the second floor — has been one of the centers of the coastal Georgia gay community for something way over 20 years. When I’m asked about “gay bars” in Savannah, I always mention Club One first, but then I always add that you’ll find pretty much anyone at Club One — it’s one of the most diverse nightlife spots I’ve ever been to, anywhere — and I also mention that basically every bar in Savannah is a gay bar. Savannah is a creative, inclusive place, and the big dance floor at Club One has been a perfect spot for many Savannah Stopover acts over the last couple of years.

Scotty ATL’s social media accounts have so far been silent on last night’s refusal to perform at Club One, and frankly we don’t much care what he has to say at this point. It’s 2016. Time to get over this crap.