Agent Orange, In The Whale, and The Wave Slaves at The Jinx – photos

Another fun, old school punk show last week, sort of the West Coast answer to the East Coast punk show by The Queers a couple weeks earlier, Agent Orange blasted through a couple dozen sing-a-long skate classics in front of the ever present red velvet curtains of The Jinx. A good crowd for a Tuesday did indeed sing along and mosh to the Orange County band’s surf infused tunes. Is Tuesday the best night for a show? No. No, it is not. But, hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Local surf rockers The Wave Slaves cranked out their classic tunes while Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive played on the TVs above the bar. Weird dichotomy? Uhhh, yeah, I should say so.

Next up was a noisy punk duo out of Denver, In The Whale. I like noise, and I like punk, so it follows that I liked In The Whale. A lot. Solid tunes and GREAT stage presence, I’d love to see them again.

Power trio Agent Orange has been cranking it out since 1979. Mixing classic surf and punk covers with their own legendary tunes, I counted around 30 songs on the set list. They didn’t quite make it through all 30, but not one of the many that they did play was a let down. There’s a reason these guys have been around so long, and it was on full display at The Jinx. Great stuff, hopefully they make it through town again soon.

The Wave Slaves-2

In The Whale-9

Agent Orange-8

The Wave Slaves

The Wave Slaves-1

In The Whale
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Agent Orange
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Agent Orange-2

Agent Orange-1