Underhill Rose at The Wormhole – preview

The last time that Underhill Rose came through Savannah it was to accompany The Accomplices at The Jinx. Before a full house these consummate professionals put on a great showing of harmony & songwriting. Yes, these ‘up the mountain’ songstresses are certainly easy on the eyes, but there is much more to them than that. Admittedly I’m partial to Americana, country, folk, bluegrass, and roots music, but give a listen to the cuts on this album and see if you don’t agree that these ladies kick up quality dust with their blue ridge boots.

Underhill Rose

Underhill Rose

The Wormhole might at first seem like a strange venue for this show, but in truth it actually may prove to be a better fit for the intimate nature of their performance than some of the downtown bars where music becomes more of a background than the focus. As of this post I haven’t discovered if there is an opening act for the show, but Underhill Rose certainly won’t have any issues with carrying the weight of an evening on their own if that’s the case. In doing a bit of research for this post it would appear that they are preparing for a short European tour, and are in the midst of a full plate of regional gigging. Catch their performance at The Starland District’s favorite watering hole, The Wormhole, on March 11th at 9pm; $10.00.

The following is from their press release: Underhill Rose has become synonymous with beautiful music, charming personalities, and rippling success. In the last three years, the all-female trifecta from Asheville, North Carolina has independently released two albums that have topped Americana and roots music charts alike and garnered critical acclaim from around the globe. Eleanor’s salty blues-inspired voice and Molly’s soaring range lead the group in tandem with Salley’s country twang to create three-part harmony music that is real and inspired. With song-centered music and acoustic string accompaniments, the trio has carved out a distinctive place in the Americana-folk scene.

Here’s a short, fun ‘home video’ style clip from their last time in Savannah.