COEDS, Brown Widow, Sins Of Godless Men at The Wormhole – photos

This one will just be a quick write up, because I’ve spoken about most of these bands at length before and can’t really express how great they are. Savannah locals COEDS and Sins Of Godless Men have both been tearing up the scene for a minute now and if you haven’t seen them yet, you should make a point to do it as soon as possible. Brown Widow, who hails from North Carolina, rounded out this awesome bill with their folk rock sound that included every instrument you could think of from a banjo to a trumpet. A special shout out should also be given to the Wormhole for hosting this show fairly last minute as the original house venue had a slight mishap! Check out a few shots below and as always, hit the jump for the full set!

Coeds 7

Brown Widow4


Coeds 2

Coeds 4

Coeds 3

Coeds 5

Coeds 1

Coeds 6

Brown Widow5

Brown Widow1

Brown Widow2

Brown Widow3