Torche, Jeff Carey and Day Old Man at The Jinx – photos

Torche returned to The Jinx Thursday and it was, in a word, fantastic. If you know of a finer live heavy rock/metal/doom pop outfit, I would be surprised. Thunderously heavy, melodic, hook laden guitar goodness at its best. A pretty much perfect set list drawn from their entire catalog. Seriously great set. I really can’t say enough good things about Torche and the set.

Day Old Man is a fairly new bass/drums duo out of Atlanta who seem as if they been playing together since, oh, I don’t know, birth, maybe? To keep the audience’s attention with the limited palette of just a bass guitar and drums takes some serious chops. They had them. Oh, they also had some amazing tights and sequined shirts. Yep.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way….let’s talk about Jeff Carey, the experience sandwiched between the two aforementioned sets. His Facebook page calls what he plays “noisy computer music”, but that, uhhh, doesn’t really cover it. Visually, it is just him on stage, 40 or so epileptic fit inducing LED strobes behind him, while he manipulates a gaming joystick in one hand and a gaming keypad with the other.

What did it sound like, you ask? Okay…imagine you’re stuck in a weird ass hallway in a mall that happens to be between the LOUDEST ARCADE you have ever heard and a Radio Shack where a meth head is screwing with the LOUDEST white noise generator you can imagine. Okay, take out any melody or song structure that you are imagining. Now, make it noisier, twitchier, and more confrontational, like you’re trying to drive the audience out the door. I’ve seen thousands of sets and this was something that I’ve not even come close to seeing. Fascinating in a train wrecky kind of way, very, very challenging, brutal, singular stuff. Almost literally stunning. I watched a lot of hardened metal heads walk out the door shaking their heads “no” while one young lady stood in front of him seemingly mesmerized. I’m still trying to process the whole thing.

Anyway, pictures….

Day Old Man-1

Jeff Carey-3


Day Old Man
Day Old Man-2

Day Old Man-3

Day Old Man-4

Jeff Carey
Jeff Carey-1

Jeff Carey-2

Jeff Carey-4

Jeff Carey-5