yep, Monday, Jan. 4 is Hang Fire’s final night

Hang Fire’s impending closure on Whitaker Street generated intense interest last fall, but then the bar got a last-minute lease extension.

We certainly haven’t heard the last of Wes and Heather, but nothing has been confirmed yet about a new location or locations. I feel pretty confident, though, that a bar like Hang Fire will be opening in the same general vicinity in 2016.

Hang Fire wasn’t originally planned as a music venue, but it has become a crucial player in the Savannah scene, especially as a proving ground for acts like Wet Socks and Crazy Bag Lady, which will play on the final night. In addition to the music, I think I most appreciated Hang Fire for its upbeat spirit and for the sheer diversity of the bar’s regulars.

Tomorrow [Monday] is our last night, we hope you can make it!

Posted by HangFire Bar on Sunday, January 3, 2016